203 So Orcas St.
Seattle, WA  98108
phone#  206-763-8550
fax#  206-762-6246

Hannibal Carbide -
Carbide tipped reamers and drills
American Carbide Tool -
Carbide tipped lathe tooling
Bondhus / Felo -
Hex keys, Balldriver hex keys, screwdrivers, T-handles, Foldups, Nutdrivers
Action Super Abrasive -
Diamond coated grinding wheels
Alvord-Polk Tool -
Chucking reamers, hand reamers, construction style reamers
Hassay Savage Broach -
Broaches and rotary punches
Huot Mfg -
Drill indexes, CNC tool carts, dispensers
Jergens Inc. -
Ball lock mounting systems, 5-Axis solutions
Kant Twist -
Clamps and hammers
LFA/Reichel USA -
Drill Chucks (keyed and keyless), chuck keys, and arbors
Magafor / Gmauvais-
Countersinks, combination drill and countersinks, Micro Drills
Mayhew Tools -
Punches, chisels, and pry bars
Precision Brand Products -
Shim stock, hose clamps, keystock, music wire, graphite lubricant
Royal Products -
Live/Dead Center, deburring tools, Albrecht
Kyocera-SGS Precision Tools -
Solid carbide rotary end mills, drills
Triumph Twist Drill Co. -
Drills, taps, dies, tap wrenches and die stocks
Vermont Precision Tools -
Ping gages, drill and reamer blanks, thread gages
Walton Company -
Tap extractors, tap extensions, pipe extractors
Wayne Tool Company -
Construction Reamers
Unibor / Universal Drilling -
Annular cutters and Magnetic Drills
Young Bros. -
Steel marking stamps
Manufacturers' Listing
U-Mark -
Marking Pens paint and Ink, Detergent Removable Markers
Dormer Pramet- Precision, UB, Dormer, Pramet
HSS, Cobalt, and Carbide Drill, Taps
ATA Tools -
Carbide Burs, Fiberglass Routers, Abrasives
Nutrend Disposables -
Wipers, Rags, Gloves, Sorbents, Aircare, Janitorial supplies.
Dake -
Arbor Press, Drill Press, Cold Saw, Bandsaw